Payouts Information

The only service we currently support is PayPal at the moment. Please note that withdrawals will only occur once a month, with a payout minimum of $50. If you choose to not withdraw your earnings, you may use them to shop for other vending items in the market.


When individuals buy your item, there will be a 24-hour hold on the process. Meaning, if the individual buys the item on April 20th at 13:00, he or she will not be able to download the item until April 21st at 13:00. 


Calculating your Income

When you sell an item on Midgard's market, you will be charged a commission rate. The commission fee is calculated as a flat fixed % of the item price. You’ll earn your item price minus the commission fee.

Our commission fee is a flat rate of 10% on the total price of the item you are selling. For example, if you are selling an item at $20, 10% of that for commission would be $2.00. Our Kafras take that $2.00 and you will take $18.00. 

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