The basics of being Verified

Midgard Community's market is based on a royalty-free stock model. This means that when you sell an item on our market, you're granting the buyer the privilege  to use that file in certain ways, but you retain ownership of the item and can sell as many of that specific file as you want. Once you upload an item, it can be purchased ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times... the sky's the limit!

Everything you sell as a Verified user on the market must be your own original content and if you use any assets that are owned by someone else, you must have the permission (or license) that grants you the right to use and resell that specific file.


How does it Work?

Upload your items, see them get approved for sale, and build a portfolio of work.

Every item for sale on Midgard's market has been checked by a staff member. Kafra's make sure that items up for vending meet all of Midgard's standards. Items that don't meet Midgard's guidelines will be unsuitable for sale and won't be accepted. The review process ensures that the vendable item has met guidelines: tried and tested.


When your earnings balance reaches the payout minimum, you can withdraw it via PayPal (other services will be added). 

Withdrawals will only occur once a month, with a payout minimum of $50. If you choose to not withdraw your earnings, you may use them to shop for other vending items in the market.


When individuals buy your item, there will be a 24-hour hold on the process. Meaning, if the individual buys the item on April 20th at 13:00, he or she will not be able to download the item until April 21st at 13:00. 


The Rules

We ask that as a Verified user, you will always abide by the Verified User Terms and the following rules:

  1. The items you put up for vending must be your own creation. Do not submit other's works.
  2. You must have permission and the rights to vend items, either because they are your own or because you have been granted a mercenary contract that allows you to resell items that contain third-party content.
  3. If you believe someone is vending items that is a copy of your creation or otherwise infringing, please report this to the Administrator.
  4. Do not buy your own vending items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding Midgard's market or other authors. If caught, you account will be suspended with no access to payouts and your items will be removed.
  5. Vending items that contain explicit profanity, nudity, or extreme violence will not be allowed in the Market. 
  6. Everything that is vended in the market should be appropriate for commercial sale.