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    • By Vincent Zik
      FaetoRO is a brand new High Rate Pre-Renewal Private Server.
      The server was released on August 01, 2017.We are dedicated to attract players from all over the world in an active and friendly Faeto community. Explore a new high rate server where you don't have to donate to get the best items. You can do quests and obtain elite gears with just in-game activities. We strive to bring players in and keep the community with constant updates, fixes, and live communication through discord.
      Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/FaetoRO/
      Discord Channel https://discord.gg/NdZpc4e
      Website - http://faeto-ro.net/
      Forum - http://faeto-ro.forumflash.com/
      Approachable Staff.
      We love to work with players and make the server a fun and fair environment for all.
      We will try to release update 3-4 times a month.
      Please bear with us.
      We are new to RO Development.
      Come and give us a try.
      Feed us some players experience!
      Server Rates:
      10000x Base Experience
      10000x Job Experience
      10000x Drop Rates
      1000x Normal Card
      10% MVP/Boss Card
      1% Thanatos Card
      Basic Informatiion:
      Modified PK Server
      Episode: Eclage
      Transcendent Classes
      Max Levels: 255 (Base) and 255 (Job)
      Max Stats: 300
      Max Aspd: 195
      Instant Cast: 150 Dex
      Max storage and gstorage: 600
      Max zeny: 1,000,000,000
      Server timezone: (Under modification)
      Main Language: English
      Max party size: 20 members
      Max guild size: 76 members
      Guild members cap in WoE: 36
      Max char slots per account: 9
      Donation System - Paypal for now.
      Custom Sets
      Custom Wings
      Custom Valkyrie Helms
      Custom Auroras
      Custom Weapons
      Automated Events
      Battlegrounds WoE
      Daily Reward system
      Custom Belts
      Custom Map
      Currency - Faeto Coin to Cash Point and vice versa
      Game and Host:
      Multi-clients: Enabled
      Gepard shield coming soon
      Bandwidth traffic: Unlimited
      Available Commands
      rates, refresh, changecharsex, exp, homfriendly, mount, iteminfo, go, warp, storage, time, storeall, autoloot, mobinfo, whodrops, whereis, showexp, autotrade, changegm, changeleader, duel, pk, accept, commands, jailtime, langtype, request, mount2, homstats, PvPladder.
    • By Mystery
      Dear adventurer,
        There will be a maintenance scheduled for March 21st at 4:00AM - 9:00AM (China Time). The maintenance will update some of the game content and repair some problems. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit for all players.
      ======== Content Update ========
      1. New Adventurer Skill – Elegant Sit【优雅坐下】, using the skill will have special sits around the character’s area to interact. Learn at Adventurer NPC, required D Grade Adventurer Rank, 1 Adventurer Skill Point and 150,000 zeny.
      2. Geffen, Morroc and Payon have new Hairstyle Shop, each Hairstyle Shop have different hairstyle available. Add-on 4 new hairstyle each for male and female character.
      3. NPC【莱恩】will not only appear at Prontera South and Prontera West. NPC【莱恩】will also appear in Lost Forest, Byalan Cave (Underwater cave 1F), Mjolnir, Morroc and etc.  NPC【莱恩】will only appear at 1 of the map at a time, waiting for player to come by.
      4. New Adventurer Book page/function, allowing players to see equipment list and how to obtain the equipments.
      5. Morphing monster scroll – After using morph monster scroll, will have disable morph effect button【解除变身】, allowing players to turn back into human.
      6. Only players within the crack area and successfully minus 1 crack count will get crack loot when finish crack.
      7. Weekly event UFO-Big-Cat Boss will not be affected by fatigue, drop rate will be normal.
      8. Decrease item Kafra Storage Ticket【卡普拉仓库券】selling price from 100 zeny to 10 zeny.
      9. Decrease monster Bongun【妖道】skill Spiral Pierce【螺旋击刺】 damage effect.
      10. Change skill description Soul Destroyer【心灵震波】(AssassinCross Skill), add description “added/changed attack element will only affect physical attack damage”.
      11. Adjust Elemental Changing Item【元素原石】and Awakening Potion【觉醒药水】duration. After maintenance, the effect duration can stacked, offline and death will not decrease the item effect duration.
      12. Decrease amount of Goblin summon by Goblin Leader in map and endless tower.
      ======== Experience Optimization ========
      1. Item in temporary bag can be directly sold.
      2. Adjust temporary party leader allocation. Even party member is offline, the online party member can become temporary party leader.
      3. Optimize camera picture sharing function.
      4. Optimize proof of friendship 【友情之证】description .
      5. Optimize equipment and card descriptions.
      6. Optimize enchantment descriptions.
      ======== Problem Fixes ========
      1. Fix Geffen Field【克特森林】abnormal weather.
      2. Fix Orc Baby profile picture.
      3. Fix some ★Monster’s size.
      4. Fix quest 【邪恶的仪式】by NPC High Priest, misleading quest problem.
      5. Fix killing Goblin ★ achievement unlock in Adventurer book.
      6. Fix Skill Double Blade Force【双刀破甲】(Assassin Skill) that give out silent debuff effect. Should not give silent debuff effect.
      7. Fix hold hand got separated when change map.
      8. Fix quest monster that are long range monster but using melee skill at Orc Village.
      9. Fix endless tower issues. When player outside of endless tower revive a dead player inside tower, will be able to continue finish the tower level and get rewards.
      10. Fix morphing buff effect duration, morph buff effect should disappear when morph duration ended.
      11. Fix when player in silent, skill that trigger by chance when normal attack should be trigger.
      12. Fix Skill Split Arrow【分裂箭】(Hunter Skill), maximum target limit.
      13. Fix Skill Charge【冲锋】, that cause target become invincible for a short duration.
      14. Fix physical damage decrease not effective problem. After maintenance, maximum physical damage decrease is 100%.
      15. Fix when holding hand, chat interface bug.
      16. Fix obtain experience affected by party member fatigue status. Should be not affected by party member fatigue status.
      17. Fix when over buff amount limit, buff will not refresh bug.
      18. Fix equipment Pagdayaw【宝塔头盔】not triggering curse effect bug.
      19. Fix battery saving mode bug.
      20. Fix slotting card problem, able to see equipment Haedonggum【海东剑】when you do not own a Haedonggum bug.
    • By Mystery
      What is the Dimensional Rift Crack?
      Basically it's a quest. There is a crack in the dimensional rift. You can find the crack located in a map. There is a NPC in Prontera that can give you the quest to begin adventuring into the rifts. When you look at the map, you'll notice a crack:

      Monsters in the Crack
      When you begin the quest, a lot of monsters will spawn... a lot of monsters. You can check out a video of myself with my mage failing at this. However, the monsters that spawn are weak in a sense that they don't deal a lot of damage. 
      Rewards - Experience, Items
      Once you've completed the rift, you'll get a few rewards such as some zeny, experience, and items. 
      Lvl 25- lvl 35 west/Prontera crack (“西裂” in Chinese), Just go to West Prontera.
      Lvl 35- lvl 45 sea/Byalan crack (“海裂” in Chinese), Just go to Byalan first, and then enter the next map.
      Lvl 41-lvl50 mountain/Geffen crack (“山裂” in Chinese), Just go to Mt.Mjolnir.
      Lvl 51-lvl60 sand/ Morroc crack (“沙裂” in Chinese), Just go to Sograt Desert.
      Lvl 61-lvl68 Payon Crack ("斐裂"in Chinese), Just go to payon forest.
      LVl 69-lvl80 Orck Crack ("兽裂" in Chinese), Just go to orc village.

      Thanks to shaylynsun for the information.