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    • By Mystery
      Hey everyone,
      Just want to take this time to wish everyone a safe (especially today on New Years Eve) and a Happy New Year! 2017 for Midgard Community has been a wonderful year; between having many new faces around the board and everyone coming together sharing different creations so that everyone may enjoy. Many new members have registered this year alone (roughly 3,060) compared to last year (roughly 1,284)! This year, the increase of registrations has risen by 81.76%.
      Not only has the forums gotten more loving from the community, ever since the new release of our database and homepage, many more people have been visiting, viewing, and their durations have increased (i.e. spending more time browsing around). 
      MC is still growing and still improving in every way and it's all thanks to our wonderful community. MC has goals for 2018 and one of them is getting more members to not be afraid of posting content (topics, replies, etc.)! Between our constant news and information, downloads, server advertisement sections, our separated (by episodes) database, MC can grow to be your next one-stop destination for things you want to know about Ragnarok Online; and it all starts with YOU.
      Looking forward to ringing in the New Year with everyone!
    • By Mystery
      This file contains all of Ragnarok's Background Music (BGM). The file is from 1 - 172 & 997.