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Ragnafied Chaos

Server Description

Story Information About Ragnafied (In General):
Long time ago, renewal was introduced to the world of Ragnarok! 
So we have to adapt to it. Something new came up with different formula's and etc.
But right now we all know what it is! We all have the information!

So tired of not being bored? This is where Ragnafied goes in.
You want to play original like server at high-rate yet still want to grind? This is where Ragnafied goes in.
Frustrated because you can't seem to do it there? This is where Ragnafied goes in.
You seem to like to feel the old days of Chatnarok? This is where Ragnafied goes in.

If all above suits you, try our server! It's not new, its just your typical renewal server but on high-rate. 
No customization because customization ruin the "typical one". Just original stuffs.

Server Information:
Server Type: Renewal
Server Environment: Player-Kill
Server Rates: 500x|500x|500x (Normal Drops Including Cards)
Server Episode: Episode 14++ ish with updates
Server Max: 175/60 (Base/Job)
Server Client: 2017 Client

Server Security: Gepard Protection
Server Availability: Always
Server Job/Class: 3rd Job, Expanded & Doram

Episode Instance Information:
Airship Assault
Ghost Palace
Devil's Tower
Bios Island
Morse's Cave
Temple of Demon God
Nightmarish Jitterbug
Eclage Interior
Last Room
Central Laboratory
Charleston Crisis
Old Glast Heim
Sara's Memory
Sara and Fenrir
and many more!

Other Information:
Client/Server Feature: New Refine UI, Achievement System, M/F Create Section, kRO Passive Critical Update, Super Novice Chant Fully Working
MVP Card: 0.01% Normal Rates not disabled. Just need your luck!
Party Share Limit: 100. Because why not?
NPC Enabled: Warper, Job Reset, Job Changer, Universal Rental, Platinum Skill, Build Manager, Healer /w Buffs, 
Dressroom Stylish (3rd Job Alternative Costume), Battleground, Eden, Zeny To Cash, Cash To Zeny and many more.
Other Server Feature: Item CASH drop-able, ITEM can be converted to CASH (All mobs drop the item) 

Char Command Information:
@go, @warp, @homstats, @hominfo, @autoloot, @storage, @autoloottype,
@alootid and other informational/helpful command.

1 Time Account Freebie (Account Bound)
Per Character Freebie Package (Basic Package for Normal Classes)




You have a guild and want to transfer? Avail our Guild Transfer Package?

Guild Package Claiming Info: 
• Guild must be atleast 8-10 members.
• All members should be at maximum level
• When claiming, everyone should be online.

Guild Item Package consists of:
• 1 +9 Armor Refine
• 1 +9 Weapon Refine
• 1 15 Days Premium Ticket
• 3 Mystical Card Album
• 50 Elite Siege Boxes
• 1 Token of Siegfried Box
• 1 Heavy Lifter Box
• 3 HD Oridecon Box
• 3 HD Elunium Box
• 10 Blacksmith's Blessing
• 3000 Cash
• Siege Set (via Activity Points)
- Buy your own Siege Items
- Enough Activity Points will be given for player to buy a Siege Set
• 100 Mora Coins

So what are you waiting for? Dare to start with us? Do you have what it takes?

Join us now! Be part of our community!

P.S. Not a Pay to Win Server!

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 500x Card Drop: 500x Max Base Level: 175 Max ASPD: 193
Job Exp. : 500x Equip. Drop: 500x Max Job Level: 60 Server Type: Renewal
Drop Rate: 500x MvP Equip. Drop: 500x Max Stats: 130 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 500x MvP Card Drop: 1x
Languages Supported: 🇺🇸, 🇵🇭

Server Hightlights

Features: Healer / Buff, Stat / Skill Reset, Client Side Security, Town Warper, Platinum Skills, Dungeon Warper

Additional Feature Highlights: no items disabled! all items are based on kro/jro/iro. create your own meta!




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    This server is incredibly balanced and has a very friendly environment. Pay to win is non-existent on here. So many headgear's it would make your head spin! All the headgear's do the same so style your character whatever way you want. The admin use to run a server in the past that lasted a long time and now he is back running another. I see the life of this server a long while so if you're looking for a place to call home and don't want to keep looking around ~ this is the place for you!

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    im waiting to releasing this server i hope very nice this server 

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