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Ragnarok Online Fenrir

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Server Description

Server Features:

• Episode 13.1 Pre-Renewal Mechanics Transcendent classes
• x7 Base / x7 Job / x3 Drop / x1 Rares
• Stable server with 99.9% uptime 24/7
• No Dual Client / Gepard Shield Protected / Anti-DDoS protected
• Achievement System / ROdex / Booking System / Costume System
• Limited Time Events / Seasonal Events / Automated Events
• Player Commands - @autotrade @rates @exp @help @commands @time @showexp @showdelay @showzeny @jailtime @charcommands

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 7x Card Drop: 3x Max Base Level: 99 Max ASPD: 190
Job Exp. : 7x Equip. Drop: 3x Max Job Level: 70 Server Type: Pre-Renewal
Drop Rate: 3x MvP Equip. Drop: 1x Max Stats: 99 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 5x MvP Card Drop: 1x
Languages Supported: 🇺🇸

Server Hightlights

Features: Floating Rates, Client Side Security

Additional Feature Highlights: fully working achievement system, rodex




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