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AD Ragnarok Online

Server Description

Server Features:


# Rates: 100x / 100x / 20x

# Renewal Server

# NO 3rd Class Jobs

# Instant Cast (150 Dex)

# 196 ASPD

# Doram Summoner

# Multi Window (5 Maximum)

# Auto-pot Allowed

# Custom Items

# Donation System

# Cash Shop




# Battlegrounds

# Endless Tower

# Floating Rates

# Poring Catcher

# Mini-games

# Mining Points

# MVP Arena

# Disguise Event


and many more... Download and Play now!

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 100x Card Drop: 20x Max Base Level: 255 Max ASPD: 196
Job Exp. : 100x Equip. Drop: 20x Max Job Level: 120 Server Type: Renewal
Drop Rate: 20x MvP Equip. Drop: 20x Max Stats: 255 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 20x MvP Card Drop: 20x
Languages Supported: 🇵🇭

Server Hightlights

Features: Healer / Buff, Floating Rates, Stat / Skill Reset, Client Side Security, Town Warper, Custom Maps, Platinum Skills, Opposite & Same-Sex Marriage , Dungeon Warper

Additional Feature Highlights: player commands: @go, @rates, @uptime, @storage, @duel, @autoloot, @main




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