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Cian Ragnarok Online

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Server Description

Before anything~ make sure you check out the CianRO Server trailer for an extra dose of amazing Infos! - a lil bit older but it provides useful information. Changes have been made since creation.

Cian aims to deliver a new Ragnarok Experience, while staying close to the official essence.
We would like to invite you to experience our smooth instance system and fun additions
that makes this server feel welcome for both new and veteran players.


Important Links:
Forum :
Official Discord: Coming soon!

Server Information:
• Renewal Server - Episode 15.2 Memory Record (with a little bit of 16.1 [RoC] etc)
• Server Location: Europe
• Main Language: English
• Rates: x50 Base / x50 Job / x20 Normal Card / x4 MVP Card
• Main Town: Prontera
• Max Level: 175 / 60
• Max Stats: 130
• Max Aspd: 193
• Renewal Drop Penalty: OFF

Server Features:
• Awesome WoE System
• Global Item Drops
• MVP Token System
• Player Commands & NPC's
• AmberKnight Minigame
• Over-Upgrade Rates
• Automated Events
• Unique Mining System:
• Daily Rewards:


CianRO Exclusive:
• Manon's Vault [Instance]
• Amazing Questboard!!!

For more information:
Shoot me a message at: or simply hit me up in the forums!.

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 50x Card Drop: 10x Max Base Level: 175 Max ASPD: 193
Job Exp. : 150x Equip. Drop: 10x Max Job Level: 60 Server Type: Renewal
Drop Rate: 10x MvP Equip. Drop: 10x Max Stats: 130 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 25x MvP Card Drop: 4x
Languages Supported: 🇺🇸

Server Hightlights

Features: Healer / Buff, Stat / Skill Reset, Town Warper, Custom Maps, Platinum Skills, Opposite & Same-Sex Marriage , Dungeon Warper

Additional Feature Highlights: awesome woe system, mvp kill rewards, easy farmable cash points, trade useless cards for points, daily rewards, starter items, exclusive instance, exclusive questboard up to level 175,




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