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Sky Ragnarok Online

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Server Description

Sky RO Online a server where you can find the most recent content and best of all is Anti-pay to win.

Episode 14.1,14.2,15.1,15.2,16.1,16.2 and Rock ridge UP TO DATE!

  • Renewal 3rd job 175/60 1% cards y 0.01%MvP
  • Rates 40x40x40x
  • Achievement & Title System
  • New interface, Twitter, RODEX(Mail) & more.
  • At hand with updates from KRO (last update 32 new cards from ep 14.2)
  • +50 official Instances & +20 dungeons official
  • BG 2.0 random Team, Battleground items, 12 different forms of BG.
  • New skills Doram - Summoner
  • Ninja & Rebellion Awakening
  • Update on Mechanic Skills
  • Pet Evolution (more than 20 new official pets)
  • Hunting, Fishing and Mining systems
  • Costume Enchants (oficial and accesible to everyone)
  • House or Villa System
  • PvP Rooms (NoPots, No Berrys, No Buff, Free4All, etc)
  • MvP | BG | PvP | Duel | WoE Rank.
  • Shadow Set & refine
  • Newbie Gift
  • Automated Events
  • WoE TE, WoE SE & WoE 1.0
  • Daily System (depending of the day a different bonus is applied)
  • Coins: BG, Events, Time Online, Fishing, Mining, WoE, MvP Hunt,  Instances, Hunting
  • +200 Headgears on Stores (Quests, BG, etc).
  • +900 Costume Headgear's
  • +300 Shadow Gear's
  • Instances avaible
    • Airship Assault, Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital, Bio Island, Buwaya Cave, Central Laboratory, Central Room, Charleston Crisis, Devil's Tower, Eclage Interior, Edda - Half Moon in the Daylight, Endless Tower, Faceworm Nest, Friday, Geffen Magic Tournament, Ghost Palace, Hazy Forest, Horror Toy Factory, Horror Toy Factory Begunner, Infinite Space, Jiterbug Nightmarish, Last Room, Makai, Malangdo Culvert, Military Base, Morses Cave, Nydhoggs Nest, Octopus Cave, Old Glast Heim, Old Glast Heim Beginner, Old Glast Heim Nightmare, Orcs Memories Renewal, Poring Village, Remnant of Azit, Room of Consciousness, Sarah and Fenrir, Sealed Shrine, Sky Fortress, Temple of Demon God, Wave Mode Sky & Forest, Weekend, Wolfchev Laboratory. 
  • Zombieland:  Survive to the hords of Zombie that atack you, become a true Rambo! 
  • Dungeons disponibles We also have new, exclusive and official dugeons & fields!
    • Biolaboratory nightmare, Clock Tower Nightmare, Illusion Frozen, Illusion Payon, Illusion Turtle Palace, Illusion Vampire, Lasagna, Morocc Volcano, Prontera Prison, Rock Ridge, Underground Bunker, Werner Laboratory, Guild dungeons de WoE TE.
  • Beginner Achievement: You can obtain it when you turn 100 base level!
  • Last Update: We have the new 32 cards from ep 14.2

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 40x Card Drop: 100x Max Base Level: 175 Max ASPD: 193
Job Exp. : 40x Equip. Drop: 40x Max Job Level: 60 Server Type: Renewal
Drop Rate: 40x MvP Equip. Drop: 40x Max Stats: 130 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 40x MvP Card Drop: 1x
Languages Supported: 🇪🇸

Server Hightlights

Features: Healer / Buff, Floating Rates, Stat / Skill Reset, Client Side Security, Town Warper, Custom Maps, Platinum Skills, Opposite & Same-Sex Marriage , Dungeon Warper

Additional Feature Highlights: gm actives, play and gain cashpoints, balanced




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