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Super High Rate
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    [ Server Type - Base/Job Level ]
    Server Type
    Server Rates

    Super High Rate

    50000x / 50000x / 3000x


  1. [ Pre-Renewal 255 / 120 ]

  2. Super High Rate

    10000x / 10000x / 10000x


  3. [ Pre-Renewal 255 / 255 ]

  4. JeRO (0)

    Super High Rate

    40000x / 40000x / 10000x


  5. [ Renewal 255 / 150 ]

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Recent Server Activity

Ragnarok Online Fenrir

  • Pre-Renewal | By fenrir


  • Pre-Renewal | By Kairu

    FPRO Gaming

  • Pre-Renewal | By Kid Rock

    Blackside Ragnarok Online

  • Pre-Renewal | By Adm leo

    Z-Ragnarok Renewal Server

  • Renewal | By ZedMarco

    FPRO Gaming

    im waiting to releasing this server i hope very nice this server 

    Pre-Renewal | By Sarah

    FPRO Gaming

    i can waiting this  i hope this great server for me

    Pre-Renewal | By Xayah

    Faeto Ragnarok Online

    Server is great! Community is still growing. Customs are added from time to time. Not a pay2win server donates doesnt really matter here since most items are questable and has the same stats as non donates its just a matter of aesthetics. Hope this community would grow bigger. See you guys at faeto!

    Pre-Renewal | By Antonidas

    Faeto Ragnarok Online

    So far the server is doing a great job, well balanced game play and awesome friendly community that will help newbie (if they free) but most of the time they are, the server is not Pay2Win most of the Donation item have the same stats as quest item in the game its just a matter of colour. auto event from hour to hour that will provide player a coin that can be trade for cash point, so player can get cash shop item.

    Pre-Renewal | By Myosotis

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