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Anomaly Ragnarok Online

Server Description

AnomalyRO is a super high rate server that's been custom built to offer a blend of the traditional RO feel and the fast-paced SHR experience. With custom drop rates, a fully customized achievements & titles system, and tons of quests, we strive to offer a unique PvM experience not normally found in super high rates - this includes huge plans for our upcoming content updates as well, with tons of quests, dungeons, and even customized monster AI to offer unique mechanics and challenges.


We've also done a lot of work improving other areas of the game, including an exclusive Battlegrounds matchmaking system, custom refine bonuses, and a huge amount of quality of life improvements designed to make gameplay more enjoyable.


On top of this, our client includes a number of modifications that you won't find anywhere else! From chat notifications to instant screenshots, and multiple performance improvements to make the client more responsive, we've done everything we can to make your experience as smooth as possible. We also have a custom anticheat system, built entirely from scratch with a focus on having no performance impact for normal players.


If you're into customizing your character, we've got you covered as well. With hundreds of custom headgears, including exclusives, and tons more of the way, you'll find everything you need to make your character look exactly how you want. This is complemented by the fact that all headgears use the same basic effects - you can pick solely based on which look you like best, rather than being forced to wear the "best" headgear. We also have an exclusive hair palette pack designed entirely from scratch, along with fully corrected hairstyle sprites to make sure you look your best!


There's plenty more to see at the server, but of course, the best way is just to hop in a take a look. Hope to see you around in-game soon!

Essential Information

Base Exp.: 20000x Card Drop: 1000x Max Base Level: 500 Max ASPD: 193
Job Exp. : 20000x Equip. Drop: 1000x Max Job Level: 200 Server Type: Pre-Renewal
Drop Rate: 1000x MvP Equip. Drop: 1000x Max Stats: 500 Emulator: rAthena
Quest Exp.: 20000x MvP Card Drop: 1000x
Languages Supported: 🇺🇸

Server Hightlights

Features: Healer / Buff, Stat / Skill Reset, Client Side Security, Town Warper, Custom Maps, Platinum Skills, Opposite & Same-Sex Marriage , Dungeon Warper

Additional Feature Highlights: custom drop rates, integrated simplerohook, battlegrounds matchmaking system, custom achievements system, daily quests




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