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Listed below is an Agreement upon Registration as a Server Owner. Before putting your server listed in our database, you must agree upon the following:
  • Server Listing must be posted in English
  • You must be the administrator (or at least a staff member) of the server you are advertising
    • If you are a staff member, you must have permission from your server owner to advertise the server
  • Server Details must be true likeness of your server (don't false advertise)
  • You must list your Server Details (i.e. rates, NPCs, commands, etc)
  • Contact information for your server must be posted (i.e. server homepage, CP URL, etc)
  • Server must be completed, up and running efficiently.
  • You must ensure that your server will be up 24/7 - with exceptions of maintenances and/or crashes.
  • You must have a website and/or forums setup.
    • You must be accepting registrations from players
  • You must have an area where status of your server(s) are available (i.e. Control Panel).

Failure to comply with the guidelines listed above will result in your server being delisted from our database.  

Server Activity
Your server must be active. If there has been no activity on your server's listing for 6 weeks (42 days), your server will be hidden from our listing and you will be notified via email or PMed on forums.    

Bribing & Incentives
Server owners are not allowed to bribe their players nor give them incentives so that players will go "Review" the server. Owners caught providing incentives and/or bribes to his/her own players will result in his/her server being delisted from the listing and will receive a week suspension from the listing with total reviews and total votes resulting in 0. Server Owners caught again will receive a permanent ban off the listing. If Server Owners try to work around these Terms of Services (i.e. Finding any loop holes) will receive a banishment off the listing immediately.

As a Server Owner, you acknowledge that players will give feedback about the server (i.e Negative or Positive) and it's up to you to act professional when it comes to these feedbacks and accept it as constructive criticism.    

As a Server Owner, by listing your server in our listing, you agree upon these Terms of Services. Failure to comply with any of these Terms of Service will result in warnings, suspensions, banishments, and/or delistings.  

Midgard-Community has the right to adjust these Terms of Service by any means necessary.

Last Updated: May 22nd 2017
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